November 19, 2015

Addison Whitney Health’s Vince Budd Featured in PM360 Magazine

Addison Whitney Health Senior Vice President Vince Budd is featured in the latest issue of PM360 Magazine, with another edition of the “Brand Slam” series.PM-360-Logo-e1324414843370

This month’s “Brand Slam” article is titled “Get to Know More About Brand Naming.” It focuses on the importance of partnering with branding and naming agencies who have an in-depth and extensive knowledge of the latest in branding regulations and trends.

A brief passage from the article is below, and if you’d like to read the entire post, you can find it here.

Get to Know More About Brand Naming

In the pharmaceutical branding world, the only constant is change when it comes to regulation among the global health authorities. Governing bodies from the FDA to Health Canada to EMA are in a continuous adaptation to evolve the process of gaining approval of a drug. These include many factors related to an asset’s development, up to and including the brand naming. And in this situation, knowing what is ahead of you is half the battle.

For instance, Health Canada recently released a new set of regulatory naming requirements for all drugs to be marketed in Canada. This is a big step in a new direction for the agency, and with this new direction comes new challenges for manufacturers developing products.

Therefore, it makes sense for pharmaceutical organizations to look to partner with those who have their finger on the pulse of these directional changes, and who have the processes in place to navigate the rough waters of change.

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