July 17, 2015

AW in Review: Addison Whitney Brand Salsa Recap 7.17.15

Welcome to another edition of “AW in Review“, our roundup of our latest brand salsa and Addison Whitney news and posts!

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Branding with Emotion

It is well known that people often buy based on emotions, and justify with facts. cites a study which showed “when evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions [such as] personal feelings and experiences rather than information.”emotional branding | addison whitney

Though offering very different products, two relatively new brands, Packed Party Gift Boxes and S’well Water Bottles have used this unique, human tendency to turn their brands from one-woman shows to nationwide phenomenon in a matter of years. Read More…

Branded on the Fourth of July

As June comes to a close, consumers begin to see the flood of red, white and blue wash over their favorite brands, as each looks to find a way to incorporate the Fourth of July into their branding, 1044647_10151460649587687_741853009_nmarketing and advertising efforts.

As with many holidays, brands can easily get lost in the increased noise of similar branding strategies – there are always the go-to ways to incorporate Halloween into branding, for instance – but the Fourth of July offers brands varying angles to which they can position their brand. Read more…

Diet Coke: A Case for Individualized Branding

Recently The Coca-Cola Company has revealed their plans to market all of their Coca-Cola related brands – Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Life, Coca-Cola Zero, and Diet Coke – as a cohesive team of products, rather than coke, good things come in fours

Market research has shown that there is some confusion about what differentiates these four products, and the Coca-Cola Company hopes that marketing them as variations of one larger product, Coca-Cola, will help not only to clear up this confusion, but also to strengthen the overall brand to the great benefit of each individual coke, good things come in fours I think bringing brands closer to a larger corporate brand, especially one as powerful and recognizable as Coca-Cola, is great strategy for three of these four brands. Read More…

Branding Beyond the Field

nycfc-tom-glick-soccer-hed-2015When determining the success of a sports franchise brand, the product on the field obviously plays a large part. Wins bring publicity, excitement and recognition, all which are important aspects for any team’s brand.

But much of what goes into building a strong sports brand can’t be counted on the scoreboard. When looking to successfully brand a sports franchise, many lessons can be learned from branding organizations. Read More…

Brand Sale: Procter and Gamble Shakes Up Brand Portfolio

Proctor and Gamble has been a case study for branding strength for the past 50 years. Its market insight, audience-centricity and ability to invest in brands have grown its brand portfolio to 180 total brands, including 23 different billion-dollar brands.PGPhaseLogo

In order to meet greater global market complexities, P&G has decided to alter their approach towards the market with one of most publicized brand portfolio shakeups we’ve seen in recent years. A.G. Lafley, the company’s chairman, president and CEO has cast a vision of a future P&G that is “a much simpler, much less complex company of leading brands that’s easier to manage and operate.” Read More…

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