September 25, 2015

AW in Review – Addison Whitney Brand Salsa Recap 9.25.15

Welcome to another edition of “AW in Review“, our roundup of our latest brand salsa and Addison Whitney news and posts!

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Are We Nearing the End of the iPhone Brand?

iPhone. At first glance, a funny-looking word. But now, a word that is synonymous with a technological revolution lead by Apple to transform the concept of a phone into something different – a Apple iPhone, brandinghelper, a messenger, a navigator, a photographer and more – with each evolution.

The recognition for the brand is what poses our question. – Will the iPhone brand live forever? Or will it be replaced by an updated brand by Apple – an “ApplePhone” or something of the like? Read More…

Don’t Just Be a Brand – Live Your Brand

“Your Entire Company Should be Considered Your Branding Department.”

For both companies who are looking to create a build their brands to those who have set the benchmark for brand strength and longevity, this quote should stand as a mantra for creating a business culture where the core brand principles run throughout those in the organization.

It is one thing to “be” a brand, with a solid brand foundation built on the principles to which your brand stands, but to “live” the brand is to carry these same principles into your work and your interactions with those around you. Read More…

AW Spotlight – Meet Our Newest Team Members!

At Addison Whitney, our people are our most valuable resource. We are lucky to have such a talented group working throughout our offices, and in our AW Spotlight series we wanted to spotlight our employees, finding out more about who they are, and their thoughts on working at Addison Whitney.

This special edition of AW Spotlight features three of the newest members of the AW team – Account Director Michael Ryan, Project Manager Kathryn Pearce and Senior Graphic Designer Dave Disxon. All three joined Addison Whitney recently and have been very welcome additions to the company and to our Charlotte office! Read More…

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