January 16, 2015

AW Rewind: The Addison Whitney Week in Review – 1.17.15

AW Rewind:

The Addison Whitney

Week in Review – 1.17.15

brand_salsa_logo_rgbWelcome to another edition of “AW in Review“, our weekly roundup of our latest brandsalsa and Addison Whitney news and posts!

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A Thermostat to Rule Them All

A year ago, would anybody have thought that the product development we saw this year at CES would be inspired by an innovation to, of all things, a thermostat? Yes, a thermostat.thermostat-and-protect-in-home

This thermostat was introduced by a brand called Nest, of which I am a big fan. I don’t own one, but I do look at them longingly on my trips to Home Depot. The brand’s first blog entry clearly explains why thermostats were the choice for innovation: heating and cooling costs make up about 50% of an energy bill, and therefore were a logical place to try and find solutions for homeowners. Read more…

Wisdom Wednesday:

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.” –Peter Drucker

 Case Study Wednesday: Motorola

Addison Whitney has been a key naming and strategy resource to Motorola for years. We fully understand that some of our clients have unique branding needs and processes to follow of their own, which is why we know the importance of having flexibility. Through a customized process, we’ve continually delivered dynamic and creative results to Motorola for brand name development, brand architecture development, and nomenclature strategies.

Highlights from our work with Motorola include the Roadster, Finiti and Oasis Bluetooth devices.  Read more…

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