July 08, 2014

Build Equity in Your Personal Brand

Build Equity in Your Personal Brand


By Guest Blogger: Lindsey Freedman

Today as I walked into work, I couldn’t help but notice the Starbucks cup in my hand, the iPhone I was texting on and the Nike fuel band on my wrist. As a society we are fixated with brands; we are walking advertisements for the brands we love. However, do these certain brands define our own personal brand?

Personal branding is a phrase that has been tossed around a lot lately. But what is it? Is it the items we associate ourselves with, or the profiles we manage on the internet? Forbes says, “Your personal brand is all about who you are and what you want to be known for.”

To be competitive in today’s work force a personal brand is essential. Personal branding is more than a strategic social media presence. It is defining who you are and what your goals are while establishing authenticity. “Authenticity is as essential an ingredient to personal branding as eggs are to omelets,” says William Arruda, a Forbes contributor.

A personal brand is important because it advances careers, develops leadership and builds equity. A Forbes survey determined that 15 percent of employees have truly defined their personal brand, while 5 percent are living their brand every day at the workplace. Glenn Llopis, a Forbes writer, says that living through the “lens of the brand” will help one become aware of their presence.

To positively construct your personal brand there are a number of factors to consider and business objectives to define. Below are just a few tips for establishing your personal brand:

1. Discover your brand mantra
A brand mantra is the “heart and soul” of your brand according to professional Kevin Keller. It is an important step in defining your personal brand. A brand mantra is reminiscent of a mission statement. An example would be Oprah Winfrey: “an American television hostess, entrepreneur and avid gardener”. This will help define the foundation of your brand and your intended message.

2. Create your brand
Creating a personal brand includes executing paper and online initiatives. It is important to examine all social media platforms and create a consistent voice and message. According to Career Builders, 48 percent of employers Google candidates’ online portfolios and social media platforms. Additionally, 51 percent of employers have not hired a candidate because of their social media profiles, according to Bloomberg Business Week. Therefore, online portfolios that are strategic and consistent are more important than ever. The same idea goes for print work that includes cover letters, resumes and business cards. A consistent message across multiple platforms will only enhance your personal brand’s identity.

3. Invest in your own brand
After determining your brand, it is important to be consistent and believe in your message. “In fact, those who have defined and live their personal brand will more naturally demonstrate executive presence and as such may find themselves advancing more quickly at work,” says Llopis. Executing your brand consistently is a leadership quality and will help define your career and goals moving forward.

For more tips on personal branding examine the A,B,C’s of Personal Branding infographic provided by Placester and Feldman Creative. Here at Addison Whitney we love watching brands become successful and thrive. So why shouldn’t your own personal brand gain the same benefits?



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