When is the Right Time to Change Your Logo?

March 05, 2015

Welcome to Addison Whitney Capabilities Month! Throughout the month of March, we will be designating one week where we will be highlighting one of Addison Whitney’s capabilities – visual branding, verbal branding, market research and brand strategy – via brand salsa and our social media channels. This week, we are focusing on Visual Branding, which […]

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Logos: Making Your Brand Pop

February 04, 2014

Logos: Making Your Brand Pop Guest Blogger: Ashley Wiederhold Branding is a multi-faceted process that requires several components working in tandem to be successful. One of these elements is a logo. Ultimately, a company’s logo is its brand’s visual representation. Your business can have several different forms of collateral that are visual in nature, but […]

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An Apple a Day…

September 10, 2013

So, it’s no secret that we’re fans of Apple at Addison Whitney, and today’s keynote was no exception. There is something so intoxicating about the buzz surrounding these events, and we were very excited to see the latest news unfold.   Today’s keynote had several announcements, but here are the highlights.   First up, two […]

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Destination Branding: A Look at National and Regional Brands

September 03, 2013

  Today, we’re concluding a multi-week look at destination branding. So far, we’ve looked at city, state and country branding. This post will round out our series by focusing on national and regional brands. Since we’ve been covering destinations where we have offices, today’s focus will be on the U.S., Europe and Asia (and the […]

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Destination Branding: A Spotlight on Cities Around The World (Part Two)

August 08, 2013

  On Tuesday, we started a series on destination branding by looking at Charlotte, Munich and New York. Let’s recap – Last year, more than one billion tourists travelled the world and five to six billion more were expected to have travelled within their own countries. With stats like that, a successful tourism brand could […]

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Destination Branding: A Spotlight on Cities Around The World

August 06, 2013

Confession: I absolutely love to travel. When I discover a new place and am able to soak in its secrets and beauty, something in me awakens. Because of this, I’ve always been drawn to travel and tourism branding/marketing/PR. Studying how destinations differentiate themselves fascinates me.   2012 was a milestone year for tourism – For […]

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Visual Branding 101: Terminology

July 23, 2013

Last month, we started a series of posts relating to branding terminology. Here’s the next installment in our series – this time, we’re defining visual branding terms we use most often.   Area of Isolation/Clearspace/Clearance Area The required space around a logo to ensure proper readability and integrity   Ascender The part of lowercase letters […]

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On Target: New ‘Simply Balanced’ Brand

July 09, 2013

While wandering around Target this weekend, I stumbled across a shiny, new brand, ‘Simply Balanced.’ Intrigued by the clean packaging, I wondered out loud, “What is this? I haven’t seen this brand before.” A Target employee was working in the same aisle and gave me a quick history lesson- the cleaner, fresh brand was replacing […]

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