April 17, 2009

Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

There are two new comedies coming out that plan to lift the stress of these hard economics times with laughter. But are we ready to laugh about it yet?

An untitled series starring Kelsey Grammer takes a Wall Street millionaire and turns him into “Mr. Mom” for a family that he doesn’t spend any time with.

The series “Canned” is about several friends that lose their jobs with an investment bank and must take hold of their lives. It is an interesting approach because it forces them to sit back and analyze their lives at a young age. Sometimes bad situations are the best thing that can happen to a person.

Although these shows are not being shot until April, producers are already looking for the brands that want to target the value-based consumer. This is a great opportunity for the brands and the consumer. In the long run I believe that laughter is the best medicine in hard times and that these shows are going to resonate with audiences who feel the same way. More info here.

By: Lindsay Dunmyer

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