May 13, 2009

Infomercial Brands: KABOOM!

I’m a sucker for an onomatopoeia –and KABOOM! packs quite a punch. This high powered bathroom cleaner (and ancillary products such as Bowl Blaster) uses aggressive naming to let consumers know this product is ready to show your bathroom who’s boss. The only thing that will get your tub, toilet and tile cleaner than KABOOM! is a vat of sulfuric acid and a wrecking ball.

And while I appreciate that some people may not want such explosive imagery around their toilet bowl, you have to admit, the name KABOOM! paints quite a picture when it comes to total soap scum and mildew obliteration. Plus, how much fun does Billy Mays appear to be having each time he says the products name? I want to buy the product simply so that I can yell KABOOM! with every pull of the plastic nozzle trigger.

So whether you appreciate the name, or it just makes you laugh, it’s certainly memorable. I’m glad to see that Church & Dwight is willing to use a name that can stand out from the sea of ho-hum descriptive cleaner brands on the shelves today.

Contributed by: Maghan Cook

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