June 17, 2010

Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!

It was a slogan made popular in the ’90s by our favorite paper-bag head cartoon, Bart Simpson. Whether it was Nelson the bully, Homer, or a chocolate-craving high school student that will remain nameless, everyone wanted his crispety, crunchety, peanut buttery Butterfinger! Bart went to extreme measures to assure that no one swiped it but sadly, Bart and his iconic slogan were swipped from television in 2001.

Nestle Butterfinger has brought the slogan back in full force. You can now “train” with the Butterfinger Defense League to make certain no one is swiping your favorite peanut butter bar. Sir Mix-A-Lot serenades you with “I Like Big Butterfingers” while the League, comprised of Lou Ferrigno, Erik Estrada & Charisma Carpenter teach you how to defend yourself from muggers that might make off with your confectionary treats.

Campy? Yes. Do I have to go out immediately and buy a Butterfinger? Maybe. Good for at least one laugh out loud moment? Most definitely.

Contributed by: Jennifer Rodden

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