December 22, 2009

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Ashley Popham, aka Bouncy Bubba Louie
Favorite Holiday Movie: Snoopy Christmas
Favorite Holiday Treat: Fudge
Favorite Holiday Recipe: Christmas Sugar Cookies
Favorite Holiday Tradition: Getting together with my three best friends and having our annual cookie baking and decorating at someone’s house.
Trimming the Tree: I like the old fashioned ornaments, and I like to collect city ornaments from places I’ve traveled to.
Favorite Part of Christmas: Decorating and going back home to Atlanta to visit my friends and family.

Keri Lynch, aka Jolly Angelpants
Favorite Holiday Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life
Favorite Holiday Treat: Peanut Butter Kiss cookies
Favorite Holiday Tradition: My mom letting us open one present on Christmas Eve, and it was always a new pair of Christmas pajamas.
Trimming the Tree: Lots of tinsle.
Favorite Reindeer: Vixen. Who doesn’t like a reindeer who isn’t afraid to be a little naughty?

Laine Beyerl, aka Snooky Sparkly-Toes
Favorite Holiday Movie: A Christmas Story. Yes, I do like to watch it at least 6 times during the 24 hour marathon
Favorite Holiday Treat: Pierogies (family Christmas tradition) and Chocolate Fudge. Not at the same time.
Favorite Holiday Tradition: Overeating.
Trimming the Tree: I visit my parents every year and the tree is usually trimmed already with ornaments from over the years.
Favorite Reindeer: Donner–the most overlooked reindeer of all.

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  1. Jenna   December 22, 2009 4:25 pm / Reply

    We’re the same when it comes to A Christmas Story.
    That’s awesome.

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