December 21, 2009

Strategy Elves

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Betsy Lard, aka Bijoux O’Leary
Favorite Holiday Movie? I still laugh out loud at A Christmas Story
Favorite Holiday Treat? Christmas Wassail is a hot, spiced cider; it’s my favorite way to warm up in the evenings
Favorite Holiday Tradition? My family has a bonfire each year, where we roast hot dogs, make s’mores and catch up with friends and family
How do you Trim your Tree? We haven’t developed any theme yet. We just trim our tree with a mishmash of ornaments passed down from our families
Favorite Reindeer? Blitzen is cool; I think his name originally meant lightning, which you’d need to deliver all those toys in one night.

Beth Anne McPheeters, aka Crumpet
Favorite Holiday Movie? A Christmas Story and Love Actually
Favorite Holiday Treat? Cookie box (it’s more of a bucket) from Mom’s friend
Favorite Holiday Tradition? Watching Dumb and Dumber on Christmas Eve
How do you Trim your Tree? I don’t have a tree — I’m broke and lazy
Favorite Reindeer? Prancer — cause he sounds fancy

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