April 30, 2013

To Vine or Not To Vine


So, what’s Vine? It’s a Twitter-owned mobile app that lets users create and post up to six-second video clips. Basically, its video creation meets stop motion animation meets mobile flexibility.


What does this have to do with branding? Well, when you think about it, a lot that can happen in six seconds. And, for that matter, resourceful companies can dynamically show off their brands in this free, easy-to-use, instantly-social platform.

Tips and Tricks We’ve Learned So Far

  • Keep it simple. This is easily the #1 bit of advice for Vine. It’s best to stay with two to three concepts in one video. And do your best to stick with clean transitions.
  • Really think about what you’re filming. Is six seconds of a MetLife blimp flying through the air all that compelling? Does it tell a story? Not really. Once you think through the story you want to tell, use your video to make it come to life.
  • It can be quite awkward at first. Holding your finger down on your iPhone screen while keeping it steady and making sure you capture what you want…is, well, a bit of an art form. Don’t get frustrated. Just know that it may take several tries before you perfect your vision.
  • Guess what? There’s audio, too! And audio can really add dimension to your videos. (Or detract from them, so pay careful attention to ambient noise while you’re filming.)


Tips and tricks aside, companies shouldn’t use Vine just to jump on the bandwagon. If there isn’t a clear purpose for your account, then don’t do it. Addison Whitney has just started exploring Vine (check out our first video [with audio!]), but if we play with it for a month or so and we don’t feel like it’s effectively building our brand, then we’ll learn from our experiment, move on and focus on what works for us.

We’ll leave you with a few of our favorite Vines so far. They’re inspiring creativity while building their brands. Good stuff!

  • GE: Over the years, GE has created an incredible social media presence and its Vine account is no different. This particular Vine is a done exceptionally well, and shows science in a beautiful, practical way.
  • Urban Outfitters: This Vine from Urban is a bit more playful, but the rest of its account is worth perusing as well for unique ways to leverage your product portfolio through Vine.
  • MSNBC: This Vine gives a quick snapshot at a day in the life of MSNBC. It’s a neat inside look at the network’s goings-on.
  • BuzzFeed: The BuzzFeed brand is notoriously tongue-in-cheek and this Vine articulates that sentiment perfectly.

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