March 24, 2010

TV Show About Jobs

Apple is an amazing brand. And in its fanatics’ mind, nothing is more on-brand than Steve Jobs. He is mysterious, smart, passionate, innovative and wears a mean black turtleneck. And, unlike other great brands’ CEOs, he is so interesting that a TV show mirroring his life is in the works. Yep, a TV show.

You may have seen the show Undercover Boss which takes strides to show the human side of CEOs of companies like White Castle, Waste Management and 7-Eleven. And other CEOs like Tony Hseih of have taken to Twitter to engage fans. In fact, as of today, Tony has more than 1.6 million followers. But a sitcom, now that’s a whole new level of love for (or fascination of) a CEO.

I wonder if it’s a show Jobs would watch (on his iPhone or iPad of course). Would you check it out?

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