April 19, 2016

Why We Love Branding (And You Should, Too!)

At Addison Whitney, we’ve always identified with the term “brand fanatics” when it comes to our people. This makes sense – it’s what we do. We have aw in (2)a passion for creating and building strong brands, and when we’re not doing that, we love to analyze, brainstorm and gather new information about branding. But why does branding hold a place among our favorites? We asked a few brand fanatics this very question: Why do you love branding? The answers may just inspire you to do the same!

“I love branding because knowing someone is connected to your brand is the greatest payoff for all the hard work that goes into creating those experiences. Is there anything more beautiful than seeing a consumer’s passion be ignited by a brand they love? Whether it’s their favorite restaurant, grocery store or lip balm, it’s all about capturing someone’s emotions through the creation of memorable and consistent experiences – in other words creating a strong brand – that makes me love branding so much.” – Lizzy Guterma, Director of Marketing

“I love branding because it allows objects and experiences to create personal human connections and relationships.” – RJ Clouse, Senior Brand Strategy Manager

“I love branding because it is the foundation upon which a company or product is built. An interesting name, a timeless logo, and even consistency in messaging/advertisingmakes brands recognizable in their most basic form. By sticking to their brand strategies, these companies have created equity with their customers that can only come from that strong foundation.” – Ashley Chaffin, Verbal Branding Associate

“I love branding because it is an opportunity to discover great perspectives and ideas and then be a part of shaping the way they get presented to others.” – Chris Cureton, Manager, Visual Branding

“I love branding because it’s powerful. A strong brand can instantly connect people with an image or a feeling, and that image or feeling can change how they feel about whatever that brand touches. For instance, my notebooks from Rifle Paper Co. make me feel creative and my Kate Spade planner makes me feel refined yet brimming with personality. I think branding is the most powerful when a brand can elevate the functional aspects of a product.” – Ashley Wiederhold, Senior Project Manager

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