January 29, 2016

AW in Review – Addison Whitney Brand Salsa Recap 1.29.16

Welcome to another outstanding edition of the AW in Review! This is our roundup of our latest brand salsa and Addison Whitney news and posts!

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Building Your Branding Road Map – The Importance of Finding Your Brand Niche

Given the high prices for Super Bowl ad spots and the highly selective process that comes with such advertising, many brands are unable (or unwilling) to try and make the jump to this realm of Untitled designbrands – but just because you aren’t playing on the biggest stage, doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.

This is where the importance of finding your brand niche becomes apparent. Chances are, there’s an audience out there who will connect with your brand. But if the brand strategy is either intentionally or unintentionally oblivious of this audience, their efforts to try and settle outside of their ideal spot on the market will be met with failure. Instead, the strategy should center around becoming the biggest dog on your block – putting in the time and effort to identify to whom your brand will be most relevant and how you can efficiently strategize your branding efforts to speak to this audience. Read More…

Branding Lessons from Brand Giants

3055704-inline-i-3-starbucks-reserveTwo of the leading brands on the marketplace today – Apple and Starbucks – didn’t get to where they are by chance. Building (and maybe more important, maintaining) brands with their level of success requires firing on all brand cylinders and recognizing the importance of nailing the visual, verbal, research and strategy aspects of the brand.

In a recent article for Fast Company, brand and marketing specialist Alessandra Ghini shared a pair of branding lessons she learned during her time with both Starbucks and Apple. These two pieces of advice provide both insight and a hint of explanation to the successes of these brands. Read More…

Keeping Your Brand Consistently Consistentdownload

Brand consistency is exactly what it implies – constant and unchanging branding throughout your brand’s reach. Your brand can be top of the line, but if nobody knows exactly what it is or how it looks/sounds, then your efforts to promote the brand are facing an uphill battle.

Getting your brand in front of your crucial audiences is the only way to continue to grow, and guaranteeing that each exposure reinforces the single brand is the best way to do this. Consistent branding encompasses and is driven by all other brand building efforts, and holds a vital place in the success of your brand. Read More…

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