5 Ways to Ease Social Media Branding Worries

March 22, 2016

The question whether or not to have a presence on at least one social media platform has become an easy one for brands – without any social media existence, a brand will be left out of one of the fastest-growing and increasingly vital aspect of a branding experience. But now that it’s rightfully assumed that your brand will be a player in the social space, it’s also rightfully assumed there will be some trepidation. Here are five key points to include in your plan to help ease the worries when taking your brand into the social media realm:

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Gaining Brand Trust in a Share Economy

August 24, 2015

The success of the share economy lies in how its brands cultivate trust. These brands focus their efforts on making consumers feel that they are interacting with people they can get to know, even if it is through the relative anonymity of the Internet.

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Real-Time Marketing: Making It Work For Pharma Branders

May 22, 2014

Real-Time Marketing: Making It Work For Pharma Branders Let’s start by creating a baseline for this topic. What is real-time marketing (RTM)? Of all the attempts to define this marketing strategy, a blog post from Evergage sums it up quite nicely: RTM is “…the practice of brands engaging their audience via content, advertising, and product […]

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Social Media: How Can It Build Your Brand?

November 05, 2013

Today’s guest blogger is Ashley Wiederhold, Project Manager here at Addison Whitney! Social media is just one of many double-edged swords in the marketing arsenal. On one hand, when done right, social media marketing is a highly effective way to appeal to a target audience. On the other, the wrong approach to social networking can be […]

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Birchbox Delivers Brand Satisfaction

September 12, 2012

  They say good things come in small packages. With products ranging from Luna bars, perfume, earbuds, green tea and mascara, brands are seizing the opportunity to distribute product samples in a little package called, Birchbox. Birchbox.com, is a subscription-based service that delivers a monthly box of beauty samples to your door for a small […]

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Mud Runs Enable Brands to Broaden Reach

August 28, 2012

Traditional running races are a thing of the past. The new craze is to throw some obstacles in the way. Like a mud pit, barbed wire, a climbing wall and a tangle of ropes. Then give these new obstacle course races gritty names like Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder to really intimidate people to sign […]

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