Looking toward the Branding Future with an Eye on the Past

May 03, 2016

It’s a common misconception that a “rebrand” automatically means a brand new start – that when a rebrand occurs, the slate must be wiped clean and all subsequent branding elements must possess totally original characteristics. In fact, the best rebrands take the opposite approach. They take the time beforehand to identify and research what brand aspects of the previous iteration carry the most weight and provide the most benefit, then find ways to incorporate or pay homage to these aspects in the new brand.

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The Science of Logo Design: How Much Can a Logo Impact A Brand?

April 21, 2016

While certain luxury or niche brands may embrace the concept of exclusivity, where does that leave companies and organizations that pride themselves on being open, helpful and friendly? The idea of forgoing a logo isn’t realistic, particularly when standing out in a crowded marketplace is a basic requirement for success. Is it possible to convey both competence and warmth in a logo? Unity and inclusion? Strength and kindness?

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7 Tips for Making Your Logo the Crown Jewel of Your Brand

February 11, 2016

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. For brands, that first impression often comes when the audience initially sees its logo. Without a strong visual brand representation, any following movement toward branding success can be doomed to be an uphill climb. So to help nail down a successful first impression, here are 7 tips to ensuring that your logo lives up to its place as the crown jewel of your brand’s image.

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Long Term vs. Short Term Benefits of Rebranding

February 04, 2016

If the current visual brand is holding a company back from reaching its full potential, introducing a new direction (and absorbing the initial financial cost that comes with it) may be well worth it. Regardless of the brand, consistency across the board is a vital component. Without it, much like the current state of highway signs, you may find yourself neither here nor there.

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Can New Visual Branding Strategies Make McDonald’s a “Modern, Progressive Burger Company”?

January 13, 2016

“Modern” and “progressive” may not be the first words you would associate with fast food titan McDonald’s, but company leadership is working to change that. Enter the latest packaging revamp, which will roll out during the course of 2016 and is intended to work hand-in-hand with restaurant design, digital marketing and other brand conduits to establish McDonald’s as “a modern, progressive burger company.”

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Why Your Brand Needs a Versatile Logo

November 17, 2015

When working on a brand strategy to develop a new brand or refresh an old one is to create the crucial visual branding element – the logo. A brand’s logo is often its calling card, the first impression-maker with an audience and the centerpiece of its visual identity. Because of this, visual branding strategies have shifted to a place where logos must be adaptable to media and the placements to which it will live.

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AW Employee Spotlight: Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?

November 09, 2015

In this edition of the AW Spotlight, we wanted to get the insights of four of our amazing team members from our visual branding and verbal branding teams, finding out what gets their creative juices flowing, and asked them their thoughts on the question: Where do you find inspiration when starting your creative process?

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The Personalization of Branding

October 22, 2015

With the rise of our always-connected, social media-driven culture, consumers are choosing brands not just because of their prices or advertisements, but because those brands contain an aspect of their brand to which the consumer can connect – everything from a familiar logo or name to an emotional tie-in or, as is the case in this situation, the ability to “social media-ize” their purchase.

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