Welcome to the new addisonwhitney.com

October 15, 2013

After months of preparation, dedication and hard work, Addison Whitney is delighted to officially announce the launch our newly designed website, www.addisonwhitney.com. The new website is clean, colorful and a stronger representation of our brand. Our goal is to provide our visitors with an extremely user friendly site that clearly communicates who we are and […]

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Jobs: Past and Present

August 15, 2013

Ask someone who Steve Jobs is and they’ll say the founder of Apple, the guy who gave us the iPod, iPhone and iPad, among so many other things. Some, like myself, will go as far as saying the guy who taught us the importance of a strong, consistent brand. Tomorrow with the opening of JOBS, […]

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Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon- A Streaming Showdown

June 06, 2013

Remember when you were limited to watching what was live on television? And the most you could record was on your VCR? Forget on-demand; you had to be home at a certain time if you wanted to catch a favorite show. Renting movies meant driving to your local Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, and even then, […]

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Birchbox Delivers Brand Satisfaction

September 12, 2012

  They say good things come in small packages. With products ranging from Luna bars, perfume, earbuds, green tea and mascara, brands are seizing the opportunity to distribute product samples in a little package called, Birchbox. Birchbox.com, is a subscription-based service that delivers a monthly box of beauty samples to your door for a small […]

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Brands Take to the Sky for Higher Reach

September 06, 2012

  Airport security checkpoints create lines, pat-downs and frequent headaches for travelers. There are also the dull colored table trays on airplanes that make your snack and beverage look, well dull. Airlines have long wanted to engage travelers through these mediums so it was naturally when they invited companies to place advertisements on security checkpoint […]

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The Truth About the Uninvited Redesign

September 04, 2012

“The ‘uninvited redesign’ has become a fixture on the Internet over the past few years. It perpetuates the perfect symbiotic relationship between designer and audience: People love seeing what Wikipedia or Microsoft might look like in the hands of a genius, and designers love stretching their legs without the burden of a real client or […]

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Cable Networks Rebrand to Stay Ahead of the Game

August 21, 2012

TV is a tough business, and the competition for both viewers and advertisers is cut throat. After all, they’re the two factors in keeping a station afloat. So with the ever-growing popularity of DVR, online programming, social media and an impressively long list of channels, the cable landscape is changing. And with that so too […]

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Big Brands Creating Buzz

June 29, 2012

There’s been a lot of buzz in the media lately about big brands who are taking to advertising and social media as a way to express their corporate viewpoints and opinions. Many might argue that these big brands are participating in risky behavior. When you have millions of fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter […]

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Facebook and Brands: A Match Made in Social Media Heaven

June 13, 2012

It’s the year 2012, and Facebook has acquired nearly 901 million users worldwide. That means that if Facebook users made their own country, they would be the third largest in the world! According to Search Engine Journal, users upload nearly 250 million photos, click the “Like” button 2.7 billion times, and spend roughly 20 minutes […]

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Top Three Tips for Internal Branding

October 14, 2011

One of the keys to building a successful brand externally is to build your brand internally. Not only do your employees live and breathe the brand each day, but they are the ones communicating it to your current and future customers. So how do you develop a successful internal branding campaign? Here are a few […]

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