Don’t Reinvent the Branding Wheel

April 26, 2016

Innovative. Transcendent. Groundbreaking. Many brands would love to be associated with these characteristics, or at least have the words used as descriptions of their brands. But for some, this may not necessarily be a good thing. As discussed in a recent study from York University in Toronto, finding the right balance of when and how much to update the brand is crucial to brands, especially those who are seen as “sincere” and whose brand perception does not include a propensity for change.

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The Science of Logo Design: How Much Can a Logo Impact A Brand?

April 21, 2016

While certain luxury or niche brands may embrace the concept of exclusivity, where does that leave companies and organizations that pride themselves on being open, helpful and friendly? The idea of forgoing a logo isn’t realistic, particularly when standing out in a crowded marketplace is a basic requirement for success. Is it possible to convey both competence and warmth in a logo? Unity and inclusion? Strength and kindness?

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Why We Love Branding (And You Should, Too!)

April 19, 2016

At Addison Whitney, we’ve always identified with the term “brand fanatics” when it comes to our people. This makes sense – it’s what we do. We have a passion for creating and building strong brands, and when we’re not doing that, we love to analyze, brainstorm and gather new information about branding. But why does branding hold a place among our favorites? We asked a few brand fanatics this very question: Why do you love branding?

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The Importance of Branding on a Community

April 13, 2016

Institutions in which the branding includes a place name often include this perspective in their branding efforts. Communities are built on commonality, and place-focused brands provide that on a large scale. The most prominent examples of these are sports franchises, where the name is front and center and which serve as a uniting force for their home bases.

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The Masters: A Brand Unlike Any Other

April 07, 2016

The calendar has turned to April, and (for some of us) spring has arrived. In the sports world, this is the time when all eyes are turned to Augusta, Georgia for the annual rite of spring and one of the most famous sporting events in the world: the Masters. In the immortal (and trademarked) words of longtime broadcaster Jim Nance, the tournament is “A tradition unlike any other.” From a branding standpoint, this holds true as well. The Masters’ brand strength is the foundation of much of its notoriety and prestige.

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Keeping the “Brand” in “Brand Name”

April 05, 2016

Creating a brand name is an integral part of any branding effort, since the end result will become one of the most visible and widely used aspects of a brand. But its place of importance should not lead to a misguided sense of separation in the development process, where the name is created in a vacuum, far removed from the various brand elements that will surround and support it.

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Why Successfully Building a Brand Starts with Shutting Out the Noise

March 31, 2016

There are many aspects that go into developing and establishing a successful brand. But they really have nothing to do with it. That may sound confusing and close to oxymoronic, but it’s true. One of the best moves a brand-building organization can take is to forget all of the substance that goes into building a brand. Once the auxiliary noise is quieted, then finding the perfect note to start the song becomes significantly easier.

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