How Brands Can Bring their Values to Life Every Day

April 13, 2017

Brands today are increasingly influenced more to ensure that each and every aspect of their brand – from their logo and name to their employees and customer touch points – fit within a well-defined ethos, putting more value on these brand values and increasing their influence on the brand’s development and post-launch actions. But how can brands ensure that they have the necessary ingredients to bring their values to life every day?

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Brains Behind the Brands with Brittany Scott, Creative Director

April 04, 2017

We’re excited to introduce a new Brand Salsa series, “Brains Behind the Brands,” In each edition of the series, we will be shining the spotlight on one of our brand experts and getting their thoughts on a range of topics, from new trends in the branding industry to advice they’d give someone working on building their brand.

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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks – Why Branding Isn’t Just for New Businesses

March 30, 2017

Just because you’re an older organization that came to fruition before strategic brand building was commonplace doesn’t mean you’ve missed the boat. If your brand needs a refresh or a restart, don’t feel as if the latest and greatest branding techniques are only left to the upstarts and newcomers. Let’s explore three reasons why branding is important for the established organizations in the business world.

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How We Answer the Question: “Why Branding?”

March 28, 2017

Creating and growing any business is a process that can take large amounts of time and energy to achieve – that’s a given. So why not spend some of that time and energy to create something that will work for you even after it is launched? It’s a question we hear all of the time – “why do I need to create a brand? Why branding?” To me, the best way to answer this question is with a new question “What is branding?”

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March Madness: When Even the Floor is Branded

March 15, 2017

There’s one branded element that may hold the title as the most watched and most overlooked branding of the entire event – the actual floors on which the games are played. Yes, March Madness branding is so all-encompassing that even the very playing surfaces are incorporated into the overall brand profile and given a high level of attention to ensure they are both brand compliant but also provide their own unique addition to the visual branding.

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The Key to Ensuring Smooth Sailing When Creating Your Brand

March 08, 2017

There you are. Right in the middle of building your brand, and things couldn’t be going any better. It’s been smooth sailing the whole time – you have created a name that you love, your visual brand development process has produced logos, color palates and collateral that are aesthetically appealing and have you sure they are on the fast track to iconic status. But don’t start printing the “best new brand” certificates quite yet.

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Welcome to Brands We Love Week 2016!

December 19, 2016

Welcome to the third annual edition of Brands We Love Week! All week, we will be revealing what brands our resident brand fanatics thought stood out this year. Whether it was because of something they did, or a great experience they had with a brand, Brands We Love Week is a chance to tell our favorite brand stories! Additionally, we want to hear who you’d add to the list! Let us know what brands you loved in 2016, using the hashtag ‪#‎BrandsWeLove‬.

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Three Questions to Ask When Determining Your Pharma Brand Name Strategy

December 08, 2016

By understanding the general buckets of naming strategies and the scenarios in which these types of names thrive, pharmaceutical companies can hone their naming strategy. At the same time, these teams can hedge their risk by including options from different strategies, specifically blank canvas, to avoid the need to start over. When looking into a naming strategy for your product here are a few questions to consider.

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