The Red, White, and Blue is Going Green!

July 25, 2012

By now everyone who is keeping up with the latest news on the Olympics is sure to know that team USA’s clothing isn’t very American. News broke recently that the clothing was actually manufactured in China. This deeply upset many Americans due to the fact that the textile industry in the United States continues to […]

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The Future of Shopping: Coming Soon to a Store Near You

July 10, 2012

What would your ideal features be in a personal shopping assistant? Would smart, mobile, and informative be at the top of your list? Then you’re in luck, because last week IBM Research announced its plans to release a new mobile shopping application. It is currently being developed by research scientists at IBM’s lab in Haifa, […]

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Be a Light to the Village

December 30, 2010

For our December Helping Hands event, AW chose to sponsor the Christmas Village Toy Store at the request of one of our visual designers. It is a suggestion that many AW employees embraced, as the excitement of children at Christmas far outweighs our own as adults.The inspiration came in 2006 for The Christmas Village Toy […]

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A Fresh Start

November 24, 2010

Sarah is a Charlotte-area junior who has been a Girl Scout for ten years.She is now in the final stage of earning her Gold Award.Much like the Eagle Award is to the Boy Scouts of America, the Gold Award is the highest achievement within the Girl Scouts of the USA. Only about 5% of eligible […]

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What’s with April 15th?

April 15, 2010

Today marks the one blemish in April’s usually blooming record: Tax Return Day. Eh, well, April is also the beginning of tornado season, but I digress. A post office’s nightmare and a CPA’s dream, tax season gives a whole new light to mathematics and itemization. People find themselves scrambling through old shoeboxes for missing receipts […]

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A New aloft Hotel

October 19, 2009

Charlotte locals may have noticed a new building perched atop Ballantyne Corporate Place. aloft (always spelled with a lowercase a) is a mid-size business boutique hotel created by Starwood Hotels & Resorts that promises swanky accommodations, high-tech conveniences, and a vibrant social atmosphere at affordable nightly rates. The Charlotte location is just one of nearly […]

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Lowe’s Says ‘No’

August 20, 2009

Last year, the Concord, NC street that takes hundreds of thousands of racing fans to Lowe’s Motor speedway was re-named Bruton C. Smith Boulevard in honor of the Speedway Motorsports Inc. owner. Next year, the track itself will undergo a name change as well. On Thursday, Lowe’s announced that it will not renew its naming […]

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Forget the Whales, Save Saturn

June 16, 2009

Do you remember your first car? I’m sure you remember when you first got it—how liberating it felt to hold the keys to your very own car. My first car arrived as a Christmas present from my generous grandparents. It was the perfect car. Shiny, clean, fast, fun. It was a 1996 Saturn, and man, […]

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Dating? Try “Going Dutch”

June 04, 2009

Inspired by a recent discussion on the NYTimes about Dating in a recession I was curious to find out the origins of the term “Going Dutch”. Definition: When every participant in a shared activity pays his or her own way. Etymology: First of all it appears that Dutch etiquette has always promoted the act of […]

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Ballantyne Turnaround

May 21, 2009

Remember the phrase, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it?” Not anymore. Just yards away from our Charlotte location you can find yet another example of business responding to Americans’ new appreciation of frugality. The Ballantyne Resort (owned by Bissell Family of Companies, which developed our Charlotte home, the Ballantyne Corporate Park) has changed its name […]

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