March 04, 2016

AW in Review – Addison Whitney Brand Salsa Recap 3.4.16

Welcome to the first March edition of the AW in Review! This is our roundup of our latest brand salsa and Addison Whitney news and posts!

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3 Ways Building a Brand is Like Working with Legos (Plus 1 Way it’s Not)

One of Lego’s most appealing characteristics is the ability it gives users to flex their creative and engineering muscles, creating something out of nothing and ending up with a finished product theyBrand Building can be proud of.

Building a brand can produce the same sense of accomplishment as placing the final brick on that perfect Lego creation, and the creation processes included in both are very similar. Here are three ways brand building and brand strategy creation are like working with Legos, plus one important difference. Read More…

Why You Should Never Close the Story on Your Brand

“A great brand is a story that’s never completely told.” – Scott Bedburyadaptive-branding

Adaptability. It’s a word that has been used on this very blog to describe how logo design needs to include versatile elements to adapt to a digitally-focused media world, but the same concept can (and should) be tied back to the entirety of a brand. A great brand is one who never really reaches the end of their story – they are an ongoing manuscript, adding new pages as the world around them moves forward.  Read More…

Getting the Thumbs Up: The Importance of Audience Buy-In for Your Brand

The immense amount of background behind a perfect brand strategy and brand implementation must be pared down into bite-sized pieces for consumption, with the hope that these “brand nuggets” will tell the brand story in a way that the audience buys into your brand as a whole. What you say doesn’t have any impact unless it aligns with how it makes your audience feel.

But how is this done? Well, the entire process doesn’t lend itself too well for a blog post, but here are three main guidelines to keep in mind when creating a brand that correctly speaks and connects with your audience. Read More…

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