Mud Runs Enable Brands to Broaden Reach

August 28, 2012

Traditional running races are a thing of the past. The new craze is to throw some obstacles in the way. Like a mud pit, barbed wire, a climbing wall and a tangle of ropes. Then give these new obstacle course races gritty names like Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder to really intimidate people to sign […]

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World Expo: Nation Branding

September 26, 2011

To add to the previous blog post about nation branding, countries seem to be very interested in their reputations. They are making strides to manage their appearance in a globalized world. Countries realize that their reputation not only affects their tourism business, but also their economic stance in the marketplace. And where do countries go […]

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Zoo Seeking Namers

April 13, 2010

The Louisville Zoo is seeking a name for the latest addition to its family: a baby boy giraffe. The zoo is taking submissions from now until April 25th, so get noodling on some cute entries for this little guy.

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Naming the Mars Rover

March 02, 2009

WALL-E and NASA have joined forces to find a kid-friendly name for the new Mars Rover. The naming contest , open to students ages 5-18, will reward finalists with visits to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the winner with a place in the history of space exploration. This month, 9 of the name candidates will […]

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Challenge: Off-Label Usage

November 21, 2008

Working with pharmaceutical companies, we hear the phrase “off-label use” used more and more. What exactly does this refer to? Off-label use refers to the prescribing of drugs for treatment outside of the regulatory-approved label or indication. While this practice certainly has its pros and cons, it’s interesting to note how off-label use works in […]

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