March 24, 2015

AW Capabilities Month: What is Market Research?

Welcome to Addison Whitney Capabilities Month! Throughout the month of March, we will be designating one week where we will be highlighting one of Addison Whitney’s capabilities – visual branding, verbal branding, market research and brand strategy – via brand salsa and our social media channels.

This week, we are focusing on Market Research, which encompasses the research and data analysis of various aspects of your branding portfolio.

But what is Market Research? What does it mean to you? Make sure to join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #AWCapabilitiesMonth.

At Addison Whitney, we’re nerdy about data!Market Research

Effective research and analysis drives and validates your brand vision and gives you confidence in your brand’s future power.

Our research pros guide you through the process that will build your brand’s value, and our global expertise delivers the insight you need to make strategic, data-driven decisions about your brands.

We provide customized survey design and sample selection, along with fielding and data analysis, and we work closely with you to tailor our process to your needs. The result is a research plan that addresses your specific challenges. Our process combines both qualitative and quantitative research elements to reveal the opinions of your target audience.

Here’s what our research team can do for you:

  • Name and Tagline Validation
  • Design Validation
  • Brand Assessment
  • Positioning and Messaging Validation

Click here for a sampling of our research case study stories, and here for our comprehensive research client list.

Addison Whitney is a global branding firm with a passion for building strong brands. 

To learn more about Addison Whitney, visit our website at, or contact us here.

 Want to get exposed to real projects and attain real-life knowledge and skills vital for success in market research? Click here for information about interning with the Addison Whitney market research team!

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