September 11, 2008

Beer: It’s Not Just for Men

As beer consumption decreases, brewers in the U.K. are attempting to attract a new segment of consumers: women. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, a study by Coors found that beer’s biggest competitors are wine and vodka- both of which are largely popular with women. So why don’t women drink beer? A big reason, according to Coors Chief Executive, Mark Hunter, is that most women regard beer as fattening. Another reason is because the beer industry has neglected to advertise to women.

At London pubs in the U.K., Coors recently began aiming its Blue Moon Label toward women, hoping to attract them with fancy orange slices. Some pubs have even tried coating the oranges in brown sugar. The same trend can be noticed here in the United States. Bud Light Lime is probably the biggest and most recent example. While men are drinking Bud Light Lime, women especially like its sweet and fruity taste. Other examples include Michelob Ultra’s line of fruit-infused beers such as Lime Cactus, Pomegranate Raspberry, and Tuscan Orange Grapefruit.

In addition to “girly” flavored beers, women themselves are promoting beer. An article from states that Jessica Simpson has signed on as spokeswoman for Stampede Light Plus, a beer made by Dallas’ Stampede Brewing Co.

By: Jessica McGrail

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