September 19, 2016

Brand Loyalty – How Easy is it to Achieve?

We all value loyalty – it’s one of the main reasons people get dogs as pets. It’s also why brand loyalty is such a prized accomplishment when brand building.

When a brand achieves brand loyalty, it successfully builds a base of consumers who return, time and time again, to the same brand whenever they are looking for that product or service.

For many brands, however, loyalty as a goal is viewed as a far-off and low-probability achievement, something “that would be nice one day” or “we’d love to get to that place” and filed away as low priority due to its seemingly bumpy road to the finish line.brand-salsa-header-1

Why is this so often the case? Why do brands dismiss or doubt their ability to craft a brand that connects with their target audience in such a way? Those brands who have achieved the highest level of consumer loyalty are revered to a point where they are looked at more as myths than relatable situations. Framed as shooting stars within the branding world, these brands are disconnected by many observers from the path they took to reach that point. The struggles, the work, the behind-the-scenes brand development are forgotten by outsiders, and instead the story of overnight success comes to the top, which, for any brand builder, is a definite fantasy.

But fear not, brand creators. Achieving brand loyalty can be done. The first step is to believe that it can be done, and be done with the brand you will have – take the aforementioned reasons for dismissing and take them out of the equation. That is the first step, and the most important.

Once you have checked the box on believing in the brand, the next step is to incorporate this mindset into the brand building.

There are two main options to which a achieve brand loyalty – both of which start at the same place: choosing a distinct end point for the brand. That is, at the end of the day, decide where you want your brand to live in the minds of your consumers.

The first destination is to become the leading brand in your space. Determine the niche where your brand will live, and position it as the premier option. Consumers place high value in quality, and if they find a brand that they feel will give them not only the best experience, but also the sense of peace in consistently top quality, it will immediately jump to the top of the list. Being the leader doesn’t mean just having the best product, it also can be viewed from a customer experience standpoint – in fact, providing a best-in-class customer experience should be at the top of the list for brands. Not only can it elevate your retention and loyalty chances, but it can also bleed over and be a vital aspect of the next option to brand loyalty achievement.

Although harder to quantify, this option is one that will provide the most loyal of brand loyalists – set out with the goal of creating and securing a deep, emotional connection with your audience. These consumers will ride with the brand through the ups and the downs, and will be the most willing to give the benefit of the doubt when negative events occur. These brands make consumers feel a certain way – in addition to satisfaction with the product or service itself, this emotional connection resonates outside of the direct interaction.

Brands can be given a level of loyalty by consumers, where they can rest easy knowing their core base is secure.  First, they must believe in the brand and its potential – then, they should set out to build a brand that stands out in the minds of its audience.

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