December 15, 2014

Brands We Loved in 2014

Welcome to Brands We Love Week! All week, we will be revealing what brands were our favorite this year, and we want to hear who you’d add to the list! Let us know what brands you loved in 2014, using the hashtag ‪#‎BrandsWeLove‬.

Our first brand fan is Lizzy, who chose UberFlywheel Sports and NPR!Lizzy BW 2 Text

“Although Uber has been around for a number of years it seems 2014 was the brand’s breakout year. It has infiltrated itself into the lifestyle (and vocabulary) of most 20 and 30-somethings living in metropolitan areas. The convenience, reliability and cost of using Uber has changed how I operate. I use it to get almost anywhere on the weekends and has become the only way I get to and from the airport.

I was first introduced to Flywheel in 2013 but my love for the brand was solidified in 2014. As cliché as it may sound, I love how they make fitness fun, and the brand experience is on point from start to finish. Branded workout experiences create a sense of community and belonging that you can’t necessarily find at a larger gym. And Flywheel has been one of the brands at the forefront of this movement and I love watching it grow. Although a very established brand, I never truly understood the value of this brand until 2014.

Prior to this year I only thought of NPR as a great place to learn about new music/bands but that changed this year. I have also come to love more than just the information they report but also the hosts of NPR. I have started to feel a comfort and trust in them, two things every brand strives for.”

Kelsey BW 1 TextOur next brand fan is Kelsey and her favorite brand, Chubbies!

“The Chubbies brand is a success because they don’t just dabble in this “bro” persona, they embrace if from all angles. In short (pun intended) the Chubbies experience is unexpectedly inspiring.

Though they’re selling men’s clothing, the Chubbies concept is genderless and timeless- fearlessly seize the day in shorts and a smile!”

Christa BW 1 TextRounding out the first day of our week is Christa, who chose Trader Joe’s as the Brand She Loved in 2014.

“I love the brand because I enjoy the shopping experience, the friendly staff and plentiful samples. I’m also never let down by the tasty food and low prices!”

Beth Anne BW 1 TextOur first brand fanatic for day 2 is Beth Anne, whose favorite brands include Warby ParkerGEUber and Fitbit:

“Warby Parker – They take a very innovative approach to the eyeglass market with their “one for one” policy. It’snew way to engage an audience and make the process fun and convenient.

GE – They are a leader in the industrial Internet revolution. PR placements and ads are really interesting – they advance the GE brand and reinforce its reputation as an innovator.

Uber – It has been a game changer. It’s interesting to see what providing a convenient choice can do to a seemingly stagnant industry and service. Fitbit – They are making fitness more personalized and syncing with technology.”

We’re continuing day 2 with Karlie and her choice, Jeep!Karlie BW 2 Text

“Jeep is my absolute favorite brand. Not only is there a Jeep for every lifestyle, but Jeep does an amazing job of building them so that the everyday person can repair them.

Most brands make their products so that only they can make repairs, thus bringing in more revenue. Jeep knows their audience is “do-it-yourself-ers” so they’ve pretty much made their vehicles like a Mr. Potato Head. If you want to add or modify anything, there are already holes and guides built into the stock frame to show you where to put it. They’ve also taken great care to make products that mold to your everyday life.”

Matt BW 3 TextRounding out Tuesday’s edition of ‪#‎BrandsWeLove‬ is Matt, who picked a trio of his favorite brands – Apple, the Charlotte Hornets and State Traditions!

“Apple – They once again showed the world how powerful the brand can be with the launch of their new products. It always amazes me when a brand has such loyal customers and yet keeps pushing the limits and not resting on their laurels. They could just release similar products with minor upgrades every now and then and go count their cash. Instead, they try and change the game with each launch, despite the risks.

Charlotte Hornets – The Charlotte Hornets brand is one of the most powerful and well-respected in the Charlotte area. Their return in 2014 saw are resurgence in passion for the NBA in the city, and also gave residents another sense of hometown pride.

State Traditions – This is a brand that not only has great products and one that inspires great brand loyalty from its customers, but it realizes the value of small business and helping them grow. Their website recently opened the “ST Market” where they feature local artists and businesses right next to the State Traditions products. They know how their consumers value well-made products and will be happy to support smaller businesses when they can see the potential and the quality produced.”

Day 3 of #BrandsWeLove week starts appropriately with Ben and a company that has helped many people get their day off to a good start, Rush Coffee!Ben BW 2 Text

“Because they have such an awesome environment for coffee, work and conversation. They also have an epically beneficial phone app and their coffee is money.”

Cathleen BW 1 TextCathleen is our next brand fanatic for day 3, with her ‪#‎BrandsWeLove‬ selection – Trader Joe’s!

“Every time I go into the store, the staff is so friendly. They talk to me personally and are genuine. The products are always on point as promised, the store is always neat and organized and the environment is consistent.”

A very special final post for day 3 of ‪#‎BrandsWeLove‬ week, RJ chose brands that are very close to his heart and the heart of Addison Whitney –Blushing RJ BW 2 TextHair and Makeup StylingThe Crafted Pop, and Trees & Ink Printique!

“The brands I loved this year are our own little brands – I love small business. They are so exciting. I’m excited for the brands created by Addison Whitney team members and family members.”

It’s Day 4 of #BrandsWeLove week, and Jennifer’s classic brand she Jennifer BW 1 Textloves, American Girl, is starting the day!

“I WISH American Girl had been around when I was growing up – I wouldn’t have to live vicariously through my daughter!

From its beginnings, the American Girl has sought to bring historical awareness and now 21st century issues into homes through its dolls. American Girl celebrates girls – their individual personalities, their strengths and weaknesses, overcoming trials.Each doll offers an opportunity for girls (and parents!) to be immersed in not only the doll’s story, but an opportunity to learn more about themselves and the world happening around them. The brand delivers consistently – at every touch point you can see their mission coming to life.”

Kaitlin 1 BW TextKaitlin continues day 4 rocking and rolling with her two ‪#‎BrandsWeLove‬ picks, Spotify and Hilliard Studio Method (HSM)!

“Spotify: Although this music streaming service has been around since 2008, I believe it became most popular this year! I heard a lot of friends and coworkers talking about Spotify, but never thought to give it a chance. I finally made the move and downloaded it in August of this year. I was blown away with how many old songs and artists it featured. I went from listening to the “Free” application to subscribing and paying per month for unlimited searches, playlists and “skips.” I have been so satisfied with Spotify and would certainly agree that it is one of the most popular music streaming services to date. I am extremely thankful for Spotify these days –I get to listen to ENDLESS Christmas music all day long!

HSM: I had a few friends rant and rave about HSM in 2013, but it wasn’t until I was preparing for my May 2014 wedding that I decided to start. I went into my first class in January of 2014 a little unsure and left feeling exhausted and totally excited! I had finally found a total-body workout that pushed me to my extreme limit. I continued to become an HSM-obsessed client and was going to class at least 6 times a week! I looked the best I ever had at my wedding and have continued to maintain my obsession with this studio and plan to do so forever!”

Rachel is up next with some great choices to add to the ‪#‎BrandsWeLove‬ library! The brands she loved in 2014 are HondaBed Bath & Beyond,Trader Joe’s & Cheerios!

Rachel BW 1 Text“Honda: I bought my first car this summer and not only did I walk away with a great price (they had great deals for recent grads), I still get occasional calls from the guy who sold it to me, asking how everything’s working!

Bed, Bath & Beyond: While some other stores failed to stock even a single pack of Chanukah candles, I found a beautiful selection at BB&B, as well as a few other items I didn’t even know I needed! The service was also very friendly and on top of their game at a very busy shopping period.

Trader Joe’s: I just recently re-discovered Trader Joe’s after a long period of living too far from one to shop there. They have such great, healthy food selections at very competitive prices. I’m falling in love all over again!

Cheerios: Cheerios rocked it this year with heart-warming, socially progressive commercials featuring low-income parents working multiple jobs, multi-racial families, gay couples, and people with disabilities. Though the ads are ultimately selling cereal, they are also offering a more real and diverse picture of American life than is typically seen on screen.”

Lily BW 1 Text The TGIF edition of ‪#‎BrandsWeLove‬ kicks off with Lily and a great choice for her favorite brand, Target!

“They offered me free shipping during the holidays and sent me a replacement product immediately when they had packaged the wrong one!”

Chris 1 BW TextLast, but definitely not least, is Chris, who closes out ‪#‎BrandsWeLove‬ by choosing Starbucks for his favorite brand, which we think many people would agree with!

“Starbucks is quietly about so much more than coffee. While they sell what we use for energy, they fuel so much more. As “the third place” they are not home nor work but feel just as comfortable.

It has been clear they want to stay that way as any negative experience I’ve had has quickly been turned into a positive one by their staff. Their mobile app is one of the few that I use often as well.”

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