The Social Media Games: How Twitter is Affecting the Olympics

August 01, 2012

Going into this year’s Summer Olympics in London, most people knew that social media was going to play a larger role in the games than it ever had in previous Olympics. Ever since the winter games in Vancouver two years ago the use of social media has boomed around the world. More and more people […]

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Big Brands Creating Buzz

June 29, 2012

There’s been a lot of buzz in the media lately about big brands who are taking to advertising and social media as a way to express their corporate viewpoints and opinions. Many might argue that these big brands are participating in risky behavior. When you have millions of fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter […]

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Twitter Changes the Game With Sports Partnerships

June 19, 2012

Twitter Changes the Game with Sports Partnerships Twitter is now aiming to change the meaning behind the hashtag for sports fans everywhere. If you’re a sports fan then you are probably up to date on the latest scores, news, and announcements in the sports world. You might even follow your favorite athletes and teams on […]

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Facebook and Brands: A Match Made in Social Media Heaven

June 13, 2012

It’s the year 2012, and Facebook has acquired nearly 901 million users worldwide. That means that if Facebook users made their own country, they would be the third largest in the world! According to Search Engine Journal, users upload nearly 250 million photos, click the “Like” button 2.7 billion times, and spend roughly 20 minutes […]

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For Your Best Night Ever, The Secret is Clear

May 31, 2012

If you are anything like me, you love the scoop on the latest and greatest hair and beauty products. Or maybe you enjoy relaxing by catching your favorite show on T.V. or browsing the internet. Either way regardless of your interests or media consumption preference, you have probably heard or seen some type of advertising […]

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Pinterest: A New Way to Market Your Brand

February 07, 2012

There are many websites out there that help us find the things we are interested in such as Google and Stumble Upon, but recently there has been a growing interest in organizing these likes and interests on one platform. And that’s where Pinterest comes in, and as it grows in popularity more than just its […]

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Pros and Cons of User-Generated Content

February 06, 2012

As the role of user-created content becomes more and more relevant, it is important for companies to consider whether to follow the trend of putting their brand into the hands of users or to keep the reigns tight on their marketing strategy. So, what are the pros and cons of letting your customers speak for you?

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How Social Media Can Help Branding

August 22, 2011

Social media is a great way to help promote a brand because of convenience and connection. Social networks are unlike other marketing platforms because they offer brands an easy access to target audiences, and the ability to maintain online relationships. An online brand profile allows a company to introduce its brand identity, and make the […]

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Blogger, Picasa succumb to Google’s rebranding

July 08, 2011

The media world has yet to stop buzzing about Google’s intriguing new social network, named the Google+ project. It only seems right to follow up on our last post with recent news about some of Google’s most valuable website possessions — and how Google+ plays into the equation. announced this week that Google has […]

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Google+: social networking suicide?

July 06, 2011

Google is a big part of many people’s daily Internet routines. They check their e-mails on Gmail, find directions on Google Maps, and use its namesake search engine multiple times a day. But there is one digital arena that Google has failed to succeed in, and that is social networking. After Google’s 2010 flop with […]

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