April 24, 2008
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Green: Who Can Claim It?

Remember the greenwashing definition from the last word of the week post. A lot of examples out there, right? Marketers know that consumers are willing to pay a premium for “eco-friendly” products and so many choose to claim that a product is green regardless of its actual impact on the environment.  What’s to risk? After all, there is no real regulation of “green claims.” The danger is that, if in the end your company’s products don’t live up to green standards, your brand credibility can, and most likely will, take a hit.

So how do you know if your product is “green enough”? Here’s a great tool I came across when researching the subject on-line. Terra Choice, a North American environmental marketing agency, conducted a survey of products and as result was able to identify what they call the “Six Sins of Greenwashing™” Check out their survey at www.terrachoice.com. This is an excellent way to check yourself before making a big “green” mistake.

Oh, and the next time you post a “greenwashing” example, see if you can identify which of the six sins hath been committed.

By: Laurie Scott

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