May 11, 2011


McDonald’s has introduced subtle changes over the past few years such as healthier menu options and new coffee drinks. Now, the fast food chain is undergoing a $1billion dollar makeover. According to USA TODAY, McDonald’s hopes to have the majority of America’s 14,000 locations revamped by 2015.

Expect to sit at wooden tables or on faux leather chairs. Bright red and yellow interiors are being traded for muted yellow, orange and green palettes. Though designs vary by location, recent makeovers of select stores have included: Flat-screen TVs, adding second drive-through windows and lounge areas for diners looking to stay a while.

Another new feature seen in some locations: the golden semi-swoosh. McDonald’s calls it the yellow “brow” — or half of a golden arch. Maintaining the familiar yellow design, the brow might be a sleeker, more modern approach to the famous arches.

It is unclear how consumers will react to the renovation. The new look and feel will certainly be familiar to Panera or Starbucks customers, but many Americans grew up with the classic look and could feel alienated by the drastic changes. For now, all eyes are on McDonald’s. America’s largest chain restaurant is redefining itself which could mean big changes in the future for other fast, casual dining competitors.

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