September 03, 2010

National Name a Day Day

We all know Labor Day, April Fool’s Day, Groundhog Day and Earth Day. These holidays are nationally known and often make headlines. In our lifetime, we’ve all probably celebrated one or all of these (one way or another). There are federal, national, religious, secular and lastly, weird and unusually named holidays. If you’re taking entries, how do I get my holidays on the list? How do I make it official? I guess my first step is to research if any of my days are already taken.

Not surprisingly, I found that there is a “day” for nearly every day of the year. Some days have multiple celebrations. Most of the strangely named and unusual celebrations are not officially recorded by presidential proclamation or congressional records. Go figure. I did find a few I could get on board with: Book Lovers Day, Eat Outside Day & Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day. Some I would not be a supporter of: National Chocolate Covered Insect Day & No Pants Day which is celebrated on the 1st Friday in May, thankfully not at AW. When polled, a few associates came up with celebrations they’d like to add to the list.

Scott Frankenburg, Senior Consultant & avid football fan, “Easy-Super Monday-the day after Super Bowl.”

Ashley Popham, Project Management, “Wife, Children, Employee & Student Day.” I think I could safely add wife, child, employee and student to her title.

Jenna Wise, Verbal Branding Associate & cupcake connoisseur, “National Eat Dessert First Day”.

Paula Weigel, Senior Associate, Verbal Branding and by far the craftiest person I know, “I would have National Craft Day-let’s say on April 23, which is my birthday.”

Ashley Hollingsworth, Verbal Branding Associate, “The first Monday of Shark Week should be considered a holiday.”

Bill Purdy, Senior Brand Consultant, Healthcare Group & resident Irishman, “I feel it is a crime that March 17 is not already a National holiday-even though I recognize it as one! But given as everyone IS Irish on that day and they tend to celebrate it with such enthusiasm, March 18 should be designated National Recuperation Day.”

So in the spirit of participation and for all people reading, I’d like to proclaim today as National No Housework Day! No cleaning the toilets, no laundry, no washing…oh wait, that’s celebrated on June 7. Hmmm, how about International Everything You Think Is Wrong Day? Nope, you’re officially wrong on March 15. What about Procrastination Day? What? There’s an entire week for that during March 1-March 7?! How did I miss that one? I cannot find a National I Need a Vacation Day, although I know that it’s already celebrated every day, somewhere, by multiple some ones. With or without presidential proclamation.

What would your day be?

Contributed by: Jennifer Rodden

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