May 20, 2014

Taking Your Brand Online

Taking Your Brand Online

By: Ashley Wiederhold

The Internet is really quite a fascinating space. You can find virtually any piece of information that you may need online—and this includes information about companies that you may be considering working with. Anyone, at any time, can do a quick Google search of a business name and gain access to the company’s website, social media feeds, blog, etc. Basically, any online asset that a company has can be uncovered by the right Google search.

If your business has great branding in place, this is fantastic! Each and every webpage that features your company supports its message (if these pages are branded correctly). But for those businesses that have overlooked branding? Or have Taking Your Brand Online_5 20 14overlooked how to best take their brands online? This can be challenging.

The key to creating a brand that will successfully translate to the World Wide Web lies in preparation. Below are some of the ways in which you can ensure that you build a brand message that can be easily applied online.

  • Think about the name. On brand name development projects, any good branding firm will do a preliminary Google screening of your potential name candidates, thereby weeding out the names that may already be taken or associated with ideas, events, people, companies, etc. When considering names, do your own Google searches to make sure that nothing in the search results will hinder the effective communication of the brand you’re building.
  • Remember that consistency is key. Online marketing is essential in today’s world, but it’s only effective if you use your brand to create a high degree of recognition. This means that members of your target audience will recognize your company based on the logo, the tagline, etc. To achieve this, it’s important to keep in mind the fact that your brand message will be spread across many platforms. From a blog to social media to the business’ website, your branding materials need to be consistent.
  • During the creation of your brand you should identify your target audience, as well as its values, priorities, etc. Use this information to shape your company’s Internet-based marketing efforts. Keep the brand you are building, as well as your online marketing goals, in mind in order to create a message that resonates with the target demographic.


Image from Gizmodo Australia

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