March 11, 2015

AW Capabilities Month Case Study Wednesday: Goodyear

Welcome to Addison Whitney Capabilities Month! Throughout the month of March, we will be designating one week where we will be highlighting one of Addison Whitney’s capabilities – visual branding, verbal branding, market research and brand strategy – via brand salsa and our social media channels.

This week, we are focusing on Verbal Branding, which encompasses the verbal aspects of your branding portfolio, such as brand name development, tagline creation, and much more!

As one of the leading global branding firms, Addison Whitney is behind some of the world’s strongest and most iconic brands. We’re proud of the work we do for all of our clients and love sharing our stories, especially our visual branding experience. That’s why this week’s “Case Study Wednesday”, where we highlight one of our amazing clients and the work we have done with them, will focus on our verbal branding work!

Our case study this week highlights Addison Whitney’s work with Goodyear:Goodyear-logo

Addison Whitney has worked with Goodyear on a number of projects, including the brand development of three tire lines.


We were hired to develop and validate a brand name for Goodyear’s new performance tire line that would stand alone and not be directly associated with Goodyear in the eyes of the consumer.

We created the name Fierce, suggesting competitiveness, intensity and power. Name validation was a key component in the brand development process, ensuring that Fierce would be an appropriate name in a variety of language markets.


Next, we developed a brand name for Goodyear’s new premium on-/off-road tire for its Wrangler truck and Fortera SUV lines.

The objective was to create a name that spoke to the product’s ability to deliver great traction and ruggedness while providing a smooth, quiet ride. To communicate the desired positioning we developed the name SilentArmor.


For the third project, Goodyear wanted a brand name for its new family of passenger tires for mid-priced and luxury vehicles. The new name needed to fit with Goodyear’s leadership and innovation legacy while representing the company’s very best tire offering.

We created the name Assurance to communicate safety, reliability and protection. Research found that Assurance scored high marks for conveying the functional and emotional benefits that drivers look for in tires, and consumers equated the word assurance with dependability, confidence and trust.


Addison Whitney is a global branding firm with a passion for building strong brands. 

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