November 13, 2015

AW in Review – Addison Whitney Brand Salsa Recap 11.13.15

Welcome to a special Friday the 13th edition of “AW in Review“, our roundup of our latest brand salsa and Addison Whitney news and posts!

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Addison Whitney to Host Webinar: Evaluating Your Brand – Are You Due for a Refresh?Webinar header

Has your company recently experienced change or growth? As companies and products evolve, your name, visual identity and positioning need to evolve as well. Join Addison Whitney for a informative webinar on Wednesday, November 18th entitled:”Evaluating Your Brand: Are You Due for a Refresh? Read More…

AW Employee Spotlight: Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?

In this edition of the AW Spotlight, we wanted to get the insights of four of our amazing team members from our visual branding and verbal branding teams, finding out what gets their creative juices flowing.

We asked them their thoughts on the question: Where do you find inspiration when starting your creative process? Read More…

5 Verbal Branding and Naming Tips to Consider – Brannon Cashion’s Clutch Interview Highlights

The research firm Clutch recently interviewed our own Brannon Cashion on the trends and best practices around naming a company. Brannon discussed several topics regarding what businesses should think about when working through the naming process and some trends he’s seen recently in naming.

Building off of Brannon’s thoughts in the interview, we put together a list of five key points to consider when working through the verbal branding and naming process, complete with his thoughts from the interview. Read More…

3 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your Brand’s Image

How branding and social media interact is a topic that covers a number of different perspectives and points of information, but today we’re going to look at how you can impact and improve your brand’s image online.

Here are three ways that your brand strategy and social media strategy can work together for the benefit of your brand image. Read More…

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