November 07, 2011

Community Naming: The Center

The idea: creative. The purpose: admirable. The name: underwhelming.

Pegasus Global Holdings has secured 20 square miles in New Mexico to serve as a mock town where they can study the environmental and global effects of specific technologies. “Innovators … (can) to test renewable energy innovations in real world conditions, such as how does a solar panel work on a shadier lot?”

With a plot of land ripe for experiments, a ‘ghost town’ heritage, a team targeting innovators and specialists in their respective industries, and a $200 million dollar budget, “The Center” is the name they chose? If executed correctly, Pegasus Holdings has a real opportunity to create some press and engagement around this initiative. With a name like “The Center”, they’ve missed the mark.

How about playing up the environmental aspect in the name? Or if that is too trite, what about the dichotomy of ghost town imagery with technological innovation? Have any ideas? Post them in the comments.

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  1. Jenna   November 9, 2011 11:08 pm / Reply

    What an interesting concept. I’m curious to read more about what emerges from such a project. As far as names go, I thought of Specter Fields or Ecoleus.

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