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August 04, 2015

Content is King: Brands See Benefits of Quality Content Creation

For brands, having a strong and prominent presence online is a vital aspect for success in today’s digitally-driven age. Consumers are spending more time online and more time researching their purchases, therefore raising consumer awareness to an all-time high. This is especially true in B2B services and more targeted industries, where there may be less competition for business, but also less overall awareness of the space.

If a potential consumer is looking to enter a space where they know little about the companies involved, chances are good they will be putting much of their purchasing decision weight into the online presence of those companies within that space.

For instance, if a potential consumer is looking for a vendor to help their business with its printing needs, chances are good they don’t know all of the players in this industry. But when they start looking online, they see one company that shows up at the very top of a number of their searches. This company now possesses credibility with the consumer, who chooses to learn more about that brand. If the brand’s website is up to par, then the decision to purchase was effectively made by who sits at the top of the search rankings.

It’s been widely reported and researched that the vast majority of B2B purchasers are more likely to make a hire with a company or brand that provides them content in a meaningful way. Simply put, the content you deliver drives trust, brand awareness and credibility, which ultimately can drive sales.

And now, thanks to an update in Google’s search algorithm, creating content is no longer a “nice to have” but a “need to have” for brands that want to show up in the search rankings. Like keywords in the past, strong content now has a direct and significant impact on how high your site will rise on Google’s search rankings. Everything from blogs and social media to the main brand website, content truly is king when it comes to search and online optimization.

It is important to know that Google greatly favors quality over quantity. With the aforementioned changes, Google has begun penalizing and negatively impacting sites that distribute thin and irrelevant content for the sake of just having it. This is great news for brands who want to level the playing field in search and no longer have to worry about falling behind competitors posting endless strings of poor quality content.

Additionally, the level playing field also has given rise to those brands that have fully embraced quality content creation and are providing the informational, meaningful and interesting content that benefits their target audience. There are many variables that go into a brand strategy success, but one mustn’t forget to continue that strategy past the initial launch, or forget the importance of a strong online presence. With quality, search-optimized content, your consumers can find and research you easily and effectively, driving business results.

Who would’ve thought blogging could have such a great ROI?

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