March 30, 2011

Insperity | DNA of a Great Team

While a proven methodology is critical for a successful project, having the right team in place also plays a huge factor in the fluidity of any branding initiative. The Administaff/Insperity team exhibited all the characteristics of a successful project team, and the entire Addison Whitney organization would like to congratulate them on their passionate engagement in the process, willingness to embrace change, and decision to move forward on its new corporate identity with clear strategic intent.

With almost 20 years experience in managing branding projects, we’d like to offer some key attributes that client teams can adopt to result in a successful project and process, and some key takeaways from our work with Insperity.

Meeting deadlines.
Staying on deadline is imperative for an agency or client partner; our reputation is built on the ability to meet our client’s time lines. However, it’s important for the client to remain on deadline as well. A delayed process means momentum, energy, and excitement around the project can be lost, and those are difficult to regain after a long period of time.

An open mind.
Sometimes, as leaders of an organization, it can be difficult to be honest and open about the challenges you face. Having an open mind about refreshing your positioning, changing your name, or creating brand new standards is imperative to a successful project. If you expect it to be seamless and without challenges, you’re in for a difficult journey. Rely on the experience and expertise of your agency/client partner as a resource for guiding you through the project.

Trust your gut.
Even with all of the time we spend learning about our client companies, there’s no way we’ll know your brand as well as you do. When you see results, trust your gut. Suggest changes to be more reflective of your company culture or organizational plans. Often times, the best outcomes of our projects are from collaborations with our client companies.

Utilizing the research correctly.
Good data was important to the Insperity team before making any decision. There is a difference between market research and good market research. Understanding key goals before creating questionnaires is important to getting the insight you need to make critical decisions. Having a skilled, outside agency interpret the data can be important so that you know exactly what the data is saying and corresponding key insights.

Often times, clients will conduct market research looking for the name. They assume that because a name tested high that it’s the best choice for their product/service/company. Using the research or supporting data as a guide, not the final decision maker, is the best path of action.

Engaging senior leadership.
A successful project is also contingent on having a senior leadership team (CEO, SVP Sales & Marketing) that is heavily engaged in the process. Having a plan in place that fosters good communication and aligns with the business strategy and vision for the company is essential. A good process incorporates timely progress updates at key milestones with management leaders, board of directors, etc., and presents these updates as a team.

Consistent project team.
There is no quicker way to derail a project than to have 10 members participate in the initial meetings, and only half of that in attendance during the key milestones and touch points. Create a core team (5-7 team members is ideal), and engage them consistently in the process. Even though the core Insperity team did go through a few changes, key team members were consistent and diligent in communicating about needs and deadlines with other project team members.

Celebrating your success.
Often times, this step is skipped by clients. But, the effort it takes to engage in a branding process and the results of that can be a big change for many organizations. Once you have a result, it’s important to celebrate and recognize the internal team that worked so diligently on the project. In addition, make a big splash about the new/re-positioned brand. There’s no better way to show the whole organization how important the results are than to celebrate it – no matter whether that celebration is in your board room or in a major league ballpark.

Again, congratulations to the Insperity team on a successful process, project, re-brand and launch. We have been honored and inspired to be a part of your success!

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