September 13, 2009

Just don’t call me Grandma!

Today, right now even, pick up the phone and call your grandmother or grandfather in honor of National Grandparents Day.

But as you scroll through your contacts, what name are you looking for? We surveyed our team in search of the most unusual grandparent naming. From the most traditional to the young and hip, we found that everyone has a story to tell about their own Jinx and Boompa. Here’s our list:

Grandma, Grandmommy, Grandmama, Granny, Grammy, Gramma, Grammy, Granna, Gra-Gra, Mom-mom, Mah-mah, Mam-maw, Me-maw, Mami, Oma, Nana, Missy, Manny, Ninni, Toppi,
Mimi, GiGi, Honey, Banana, Jinx

Grandpa, Grandaddy, Grampa, Grampy, Pa, Papa, Paw-Paw, Papaw, Opa, Poppy, Poppi, Papi, Pop-Pop, Bampa, Buppa, Boompa

Marian McQuade campaigned for National Grandparents Day, which became official in 1978. She wanted to strengthen the bond between grandparents and grandchildren and to champion the cause of lonely people in nursing homes.

If you don’t have any living grandparents, you can visit older adults in area nursing homes or assisted living centers. Some of our AW Helping Hands volunteers have done this through Hands on Charlotte. We can’t guarantee that your new friends will let you call them Granny or Poppy, but we know they’ll be happy to see you…and they might let you call the letters at Bingo.

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