July 23, 2015

New Report Highlights Importance of Strong Employer Brands

Employer branding, which has a reputation of being an afterthought in the branding process, is showing its worth in organizations throughout the world, according to a recent report from Randstad Talent.

The newly-released report found that 61 percent of human resources leaders studied felt that a strong employer brand is the most critical factor in attracting top talent.

Building a strong employer brand is an often overlooked but necessary aspect of the branding process, as this report reiterates. Organizations must continue to look inward when building their brand, taking into account the needs of their employees and how branding efforts will impact this group in addition to their external audiences.

Another stat that shows the shift in importance for employer branding is that 69 percent of organizations in India responded that they have increased their employer branding focus compared to where they were five years ago. This increase 85430708_5shows not only that these organizations are seeing the impact branding can have on their employee engagement, but also the rise in social media and online resources that potential and current employees have at their disposal.

These online outlets are prime spots for potentially damaging information to be posted, which can affect job recruiting efforts alongside efforts to keep turnover low. Without a strong employer brand, any negative piece of publicity will damage credibility with your employees, and will cause some potential employees to shy away, unsure of the true strength of the organization.

In these situations, it is important that employer branding either be included in an organization’s overall branding strategy and efforts, or that it follow a similar template for establishment. Strong brands can withstand negativity and thrive in showing the good that exists, which is especially important for internal/employer branding.

As mentioned before, not only can a strong employer brand assist in the recruiting and hiring of top talent, but it can also play into keeping that talent for longer periods of time. The younger generations of workers are inherently more transient than their predecessors – five years at one job is considered a long time, and very few spend their entire careers at one company. Because of this, keeping these employees satisfied and fulfilled in their roles is bolstered by a strong employer brand, which highlights the positive aspects of the organization and its benefits.

Randstad’s recent findings are a welcome piece of information for those advocating the need for strong employer brands, and as the numbers continue to rise, so too will the awareness of those not already on board.

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