September 30, 2010

The New Quick Change Shoe


DR. SCHOLL’S has tackled one of woman’s biggest modern day dilemmas: cute or comfortable? It’s no secret that most fashionable shoes aren’t suitable for wearing all day … whether it’s a on business trip or a girl’s night out, we want to look our best but struggle with achy feet at the expense of our high heeled kicks.

A few weeks ago, “Merck Consumer Care announced the launch of DR. SCHOLL’S® FOR HER Fast Flats™, a stylish and practical solution for women who need a break from their uncomfortable shoes.

Fast Flats™ are compact and foldable shoes that fit discreetly in a purse and come with a wristlet for easy storage and portability. This spare pair is perfect for nights out, weddings, traveling through airports and other times when a long trek in heels won’t cut it. Women can even wear Fast Flats™ during their commute, and then slip in to their fashionable shoes just in time to hit the office.”

According to Jay Morgan, vice president of Research and Development for DR. SCHOLL’S®, “While women love their stylish shoes, many feel they have to sacrifice comfort to wear them for an entire day or night. We know that’s not the case, and we wanted to give women a great solution for their feet. Fast Flats™ are fashionable and affordable, enabling women to be prepared for the many scenarios they face throughout the day without having to worry about shoe discomfort.”

As a woman who has spent countless hours in uncomfortable shoes at the sake of fashion, and as someone who has been naming new products for over a decade, I can appreciate both the uniqueness of this new offering, and the simpleness of the name. DR. SCHOLL’S could have taken a variety of directions when naming this new product, but they chose to be descriptive, and emphasize the ease of use and quick-change nature that women prefer. Fast Flats is set up to be a category definer (as illustrated by the current surge in knock-offs). The messaging of the name makes it easy to for the customer to understand the product and the benefit. Alliteration lends to memorability, and the two syllable name construction adds easy recall.

I’m excited to try my own pair. What do you think? Ready for a quick change?

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