February 10, 2011

Valentine’s Guide for the Guys

Valentine’s Day is historically geared towards the ladies … a pink & red inspired holiday with iconic imagery of hearts and chocolates and roses.

This year, we thought we’d refocus the Vday brand on the guys instead, and tapped into some of our own to find out what they would like for this ‘holiday.’ Some are giftable … others are simply aspirational. Either way, we hope it helps you ladies to find the perfect gift for your man.

“Time, more time.”
Brannon Cashion, President

“A good shaving kit … maybe from the new SouthPark store.”
Nick Irwin, Senior Graphic Designer

“…newspaper subscription to The Wall Street Journal or Barron’s; subscription to Sports Illustrated or Field & Stream magazine … or even to XM-Sirius radio (a little pricey, but another one that can be shared, maybe listening to the LOVE channel).”
Bill Lippincott, Vice President

For the sports fan in your life, how about helping him show his team pride with some official gear from Fanatics.com?

Gadget lovers will appreciate being able to sync all their audio video devices with one universal remote.

Of course, you can always go old school and share your love with a simple handwritten sentiment. Or take a cue from our VP, Healthcare Group Andy Cuykendall, who remarked that his family doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day … “We celebrate love for all 365 days.” Aww.

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