Branding Cinderella – How March Madness Success Grows Small School Brands

March 16, 2016

For smaller universities and colleges, national exposure comes along very rarely (if ever), often as an invite into the exposure behemoth that is March Madness. This inclusion provides a seat at the table and in the tens millions of brackets printed, researched, debated, analyzed, filled out and monitored by people around the world. What better time to build your brand, especially if you are in the middle of a major rebrand and are looking to push your new name/logo forward into mainstream use?

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Live Long and Prosper: The Secret to Brand Longevity

March 08, 2016

Everyone wants a brand that will live on for many years, basking in long-lasting success. But few brands actually reach old age, and those that do definitely have something going for them. Enduring and successful brands have long-ago identified how they can differentiate themselves from the competition, and put that quality (or qualities) as the centerpiece of their branding.

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Getting the Thumbs Up: The Importance of Audience Buy-In for Your Brand

February 23, 2016

The immense amount of background behind a perfect brand strategy and brand implementation must be pared down into bite-sized pieces for consumption, with the hope that these “brand nuggets” will tell the brand story in a way that the audience buys into your brand as a whole. But what you say doesn’t have any impact unless it aligns with how it makes your audience feel.

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Keeping your Brand Consistently Consistent

January 19, 2016

Brand consistency is exactly what it implies – constant and unchanging branding throughout your brand’s reach. Your brand can be top of the line, but if nobody knows exactly what it is or how it looks/sounds, then your efforts to promote the brand are facing an uphill battle. Getting your brand in front of your crucial audiences is the only way to continue to grow, and guaranteeing that each exposure reinforces the single brand is the best way to do this. Consistent branding encompasses and is driven by all other brand building efforts, and holds a vital place in the success of your brand.

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Branding Your Space: How Your Office Can be an Extension of Your Brand

December 09, 2015

A good, successful brand is a living, breathing aspect of your organization. Your office space can (and should) become an extension of your brand. It should embody the characteristics to which your brand relates. In short, your employees should see the brand all around them – from where the office is located, to what they see when they walk in the building, to how their lives are shaped by the brand they work for.

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