October 15, 2013

Welcome to the new addisonwhitney.com

After months of preparation, dedication and hard work, Addison Whitney is delighted to officially announce the launch our newly designed website, www.addisonwhitney.com.

The new website is clean, colorful and a stronger representation of our brand. Our goal is to provide our visitors with an extremely user friendly site that clearly communicates who we are and what we do. The site offers more functionality and easier navigation, while painting a better picture of our company’s past, present and future.

There’s a lot to see on the new site and we hope that everyone will check it out, but to learn a bit more about the direction and design of the site, check out the screenshots below.

While you’re on the site, I also encourage you to sign up for Forward, our quarterly newsletter that shares major branding news, insights and updates on what we have going on at Addison Whitney.

What’s new at addisonwhitney.com:


On the homepage, our rotating hero area directs you to the major sections of our site: Who We Are, What We Do and case studies.

You will also see a static call-to-action for a healthcare-specific section of the site. Our experience in both healthcare and non-healthcare industries is so extensive that it’simportant for us to highlight each separately with dedicated sections.

One of the most exciting additions to our new site is the Our Team page (located within the Who We Are navigation). This is a great opportunity to talk about our people and what makes Addison Whitney great. The passion and dedication that drives us every day is why clients love hiring us and why we love working here.

Under Who We Are, we also highlight our global locations and Helping Hands work: two things we love to show off.

Under What We Do, you will find our department pages. In this section, we have really simplified the navigation and user experience.

Each department page includes a link to our case studies and, when you click here, you’ll be taken to a pre-filtered case study page that corresponds to the page you came from (e.g., verbal or visual branding, brand strategy or research and analysis).

The case study page on the new addisonwhitney.com is the main showpiece and greatest improvement from the old site.

Now, we have two separate case study pages, one dedicated to our healthcare work and one for our non-healthcare work. Both have the same functionality and look.

When you click on Our Work, you will be greeted with large images rather than a list, and unlike before, where it took at the very least five clicks to find a case study, now you can find what you’re looking for in as little as two – a huge user experience improvement.

Both case study pages feature a robust filtering system that allows you to sort our work by service, industry, situation or region.

As far as the actual case studies go, they are more detailed and engaging, and boast more pictures.

There are a lot of great changes happening here at Addison Whitney, and the debut of our new website is just the beginning! Over the next few months, you’ll see a redesigned Japanese site, a reskin of our beloved brandsalsa and a few other great items that we’re not quite ready to share yet. But, we promise they’re exciting, so stay tuned! And in the meantime, please to check out the new addisonwhitney.com, and tell us what you think.

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