October 28, 2008

Great Expectations

Carvers of the Great Pumpkin Forehead team seem destined to win the annual Pumpkin Project this year. With representatives from all/nearly all departments, the team will no doubt benefit from a multi-disciplined approach to crafting the winning design.

The team includes Amy, Natasha, Kristin, Nihn, Betsy and Evelyn, and boasts the highest number of department heads of any team in this year’s competition. Other factors weighing-in for the win include:

Kristin has already proven her fruit and vegetable design skills. References available from Miss Ava Cado.
Evelyn brings collegiate-level carving experience to the team.
Natasha has been on every winning team since the competition’s inception.

The team members were unavailable for comment on their design strategy, but did say they were eager to live up to their winning potential.

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