June 15, 2015

Intern Intro: Meet the 2015 AW Summer Interns!

Every summer, Addison Whitney welcomes an outstanding group of college students into the office as our summer interns! This year, our class consists of four interns representing three schools from around the area – these four will be working in the marketing, brand strategy, market research and verbal branding departments, and we are excited to have them on board this summer!

Now, let’s learn a little more about the AW summer 2015 intern class!

Name: Caroline Beuley

Department: MarketingCaroline Beuley

School: University of Virginia

Favorite brand: Diet Coke – because Taylor Swift can’t be wrong and also because it’s more important than water and food to my daily functioning.

What do you want to learn this summer at AW? I would love to learn about online, and especially social media, marketing strategies that companies have effectively implemented and how they accomplished them because I think social media is so relevant for the recent and incoming generations of marketing employees.


Name: Alexandra Irvine

Department: Market ResearchAlexandria Irvine

School: Wake Forest University

What is your favorite brand? Starbucks – Coffee is my love, and Tyvek – My Dad and Brother work for DuPont and I just love the way Tyvek rolls off the tongue.

What do you want to learn this summer at AW? At AW I hope to learn how exactly market research is used to help create strong brand names and the benefits to using such an approach.


Name: Caroline Lewis

Department: Brand StrategyCaroline Lewis

School: Wake Forest University

What is your favorite brand? My favorite brand is Starbucks because think it is really fascinating how the company managed to transform the coffee industry and the way that the majority of Americans drink coffee. Starbucks chose to center their brand not only around their product, but also their atmosphere. Because of this, they have built a huge following of loyal customers who love to visit its stores for both its food and drinks as well as its ambiance.

What is one thing you hope to learn this summer at AW? More about branding and brand strategy.


Name: Drew Maurer

Department: Verbal BrandingDrew Maurer

School: Davidson College

What is your favorite brand? Levi’s and Coca-Cola – I like how both brands are able to play on their heritage and a sense of nostalgia without coming across as saccharine or overly sentimental. I also like how both brands favor direct, striking visuals.

What is one thing you hope to learn this summer at AW? The thing I’m most looking forward to learning this summer is the nuts and bolts of branding, and how the process of branding works beyond what the consumer actually sees as the end product.


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