August 14, 2015

AW in Review: Addison Whitney Brand Salsa Recap 8.14.15

Welcome to another edition of “AW in Review“, our roundup of our latest brand salsa and Addison Whitney news and posts!

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New Report Highlights Importance of Strong Employer Brands

Employer branding, which has a reputation of being an afterthought in the branding process, is showing its worth in organizations throughout the world, according to a recent report from 85430708_5Randstad Talent.

Building a strong employer brand is an often overlooked but necessary aspect of the branding process, as this report reiterates. Organizations must continue to look inward when building their brand, taking into account the needs of their employees and how branding efforts will impact this group in addition to their external audiences. Read More…

Brands with Long Histories Opt for Short Names

RebrandIn recent years large and well-established brands that have long been able to rely on their long-standing history as the primary source of their brand equity have realized that, in a changing world, their past reputation may not be enough to propel them forward. In some cases, it is their impressive past which is the very thing holding them
back. Companies which date back to the 1800s and early 1900s run the risk of seeming outdated and/or stuffy, especially among millennials.

Several large brands in industries as varied as banking, real estate, and even phone books, have made it their goal to change this perception through branding. Read More…

Content is King: Brands See Benefits of Quality Content Creation

For brands, having a strong and prominent presence online is a vital aspect for success in today’s digitally-driven age. Consumers are spending more time online and more time researching their purchases, therefore raising consumer awareness to an all-time high. This is especially true in B2B services and more targeted industries, where there may be less competition for business, but Hand Drawing Content Flow Chartalso less overall awareness of the space.

If a potential consumer is looking to enter a space where they know little about the companies involved, chances are good they will be putting much of their purchasing decision weight into the online presence of those companies within that space. Read More…

Behind the Brand: How Morveau Watches Built its Brand

All brands, big or small, all have a starti11334055_1450747728571205_5797088649950372530_ong point.

When Luke Francis decided to build a company based on an innovative watch idea, he knew brand needed to be a strong asset in order to compete. He was entering a category flooded with mega-brands like Rolex, Fossil, Timex and thousands of others at the luxury, mid-market and economy levels, so he had his work cut out for him. Read More…

Find Your Trench Coat: Branding Success and Focusing on What You Do Best

A great brand usually begins with one thing it does very well. Louis Vuitton’s specialty is luggage. Christian Louboutin’s is shoes. Burberry’s had been the trench coat.burberry trench coat

However, often when a company achieves success, it begins to feel as if it can do anything and forgets what had made it so successful in the first place. Read More…

Google’s New Alphabet

This week, Google announced that it will make another step forward. For the first time, Google will be under the umbrella of another brand. The overarching parent role previously held by the 150810110546-google-alphabet-graphic-custom-1Google brand is being transitioned to a newly created brand called Alphabet, a reference to all of the companies within it being “the letters” in the greater structure.

This change is coming for one big reason: the founders of Google, now CEO and President of Alphabet, understand the value of brand architecture. Read More…

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